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About Gemsthailand

The Natural Sapphire and Ruby Company

How to become ?, family business, where most of gemstones (Blue sapphires) in Bo-phloi finished from. We are family business, which always treat our customers as brothers and sisters. We have been in this business for more than 30 years. Collecting experience with any kind of gemstones. Let's us introduce our short company history. We have owned manufacture and office in Boploi , Kanchanaburi since late 1974. At that time, my dad and my mom were looking for the magnificant piece of gemstones that they could keep for their collection. They have been traveling around the world (Ceylon, India, Madagascar, etc.) to find precious and semi-precious gemstones since. That is the beginning point of our business. Now, our family is specialist and wholesaler of Kanchanaburi blue sapphire. We buy rough stones (blue sapphire) directly from mining. Grading, Cutting, Polishing and finishing in our factory, in order to control the quality, we do the best for our customers. Also, we have no middleman. Therefore, we guarantee the price and quality is the strength point of us. Now we have lunched our company into online business. To serve valued retail and wholesale jewelry around the world, we offer you the product with quality stones, fair and competitive price. We have no advertising cost, we have no middleman, and so you think who makes the price high. Of course, is the right place for you to shop fine gemstones at the best price. We offer you widely product lines of blue sapphire from Thailand in oval shape, emerald cut, Round diamond cut, Round brilliant cut, Square (princess cut), pear shape, marquise. Please kindly ask us about our products that it does not showed up in the list. Our commitment, We promise to give information that can make our customers feel confidence to buy products from us. With customers satisfaction guaranteed, we would like to present you with 100% natural gemstones.